Thursday, February 12, 2009

How To Remove A Stuck Game From Xbox 360

If any game is stuck inside your Xbox 360 and you want to remove it. There is a way to remove it manually. First unplug the power for a few minutes to let your Xbox reset. Re-attach the power cord and see if you can now eject your DVD.
If it did not work turn the power off and unplug it. Remove the face plate on you Xbox console. You will need a thick paper clip or something similar. Then, straighten one end of it out. With the face plate removed you will see two small holes right underneath the DVD player and one hole at the right side.
For the fact that Xbox uses 3 different DVD drives the procedure will vary. If you have a Samsung or Toshiba drive use the small hole on the right. It Should be right underneath the X on the DVD drive faceplate. Push your straightened paper clip in the hole until you feel it hit the gear. The gear needs to be spun from left to right. Poke around until you find it then push in gently until you feel it move. You will see the tray start to move out.
For those that are using Hitatchi DVD drives go for the first hole on the left. Beng DVD drives will use the middle hole. This requires the most pressure to get the gear to turn. You will see the tray start to move.
Be very careful! Do not push too hard in case you are missing the correct spot. Once the tray starts to eject you can pull on it slightly to help it open. You should now be able to remove your Game.Then you are DONE!
Do you know why your game get stuck in the first place? It Could result from different reasons. You may have to replace your DVD drive if you are having loading problems. Click Here get the complete guide.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to know genuine suppliers of xbox360

It takes alot to be an authorized wholesaler of xbox360 and related products. Here's a few of their features that benefit you:

Most have NO MONTHLY FEES or membership fees
Offers the lowest possible price
Most are FREE to become their reseller - only pay for the products sold !
Does not "grey import"
Sells the models produced for your own country
Are extremely reliable
Has full manufacturer warranty
Offers low cost shipping
Has top level customer service
Responds to questions and concerns almost instantly
Can be contacted by phone
Been in business for a decent amount of time with an impeccable track record Offers accounts to small and large traders

IMPORTANT: A Business Licence of some type OR a SSN/ ABN is usually required to obtain an account with authorized suppliers.

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