Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life Testimony: How I became an Xbox repairer

From a poor Xbox player to a rich Xbox repairer.After wasting a lot of money in fixing my xbox 360 each time it has a fault, i realise that there is no need to give this money to Microsoft engineers who would not want you to know the secret of fixing the Xbox.
In my search for a parmanent solution, I met an old school friend who introduced the Xbox game repair guide. I purchased it! Read it over and over again. I put the lesson I got from the guide into practice using a damaged xbox. WoW! That is how I became an Xbox repairer! Alas! same time, same day and same period, I became an expert repairer of Xbox. My expertise brought people in my neigbourhood to seek my assistance is helping them fix their faulty Xbox.
One greatest challenge that faced me was to make a choice of either continuing with my normal gas attendant work or quiting and giving into Xbox repairs fully.
I took a bold step and became the Xbox repairer that i am today.

As an Xbox repairer who has made over five figures in the last few months, and who has put to test this profession of Xbox repair. I have decided to introduce you into repairing your own Xbox or taking it as a full time job. Repairing xbox is all about getting adequate information about how it is done. Out of 100% I have introduced this guide to, 75% have taken it as full time job.It is nolonger news that Xbox repair guide has created employment for low income earners and the unemployment populace of the USA, Canada and UK.
I am putting up a club of Xbox repairers club where experts will be meeting to discuss xbox issues.
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