Thursday, February 5, 2009

Xbox 360 Repair - How to Fix Red Ring of Death

Microsoft fixed a price of $1 billion on fixing the XBox 360 Red Ring Of Death. This isn't proving enough for the average XBox gamer. If you have ever be unlucky enough to be hit by the Red Ring Of Death you will know how annoying this is, what is the best way to fix the issue? Taking your unit to Microsoft sounds like the best option but there is delays of up to 8 weeks are normal which is a long time to be without your XBox. Not to mention the price tag of $140 if your console is out of warranty.

A lot of people are doing is fixing the problem themselves. There are however many approaches to this but only one is safe and effective.Packing your Xbox with towels and or other home made botches is not the way to go about a repair like some are claiming unless you want to damage your XBox even more with the risk of over heating.

One way many have been successfully repairing their XBox is by a guide called 3 Red Light Fix. This is by far being considered the best way of fixing your XBox without any harm. 3 Red Light Fix explains the easiest possible way from illustrations that can be followed by anyone. This guide also states that the repair is possible within an hour by anyone.If you don't want to wait months and face a heavy charge its definitely worth repairing your XBox yourself. Care does need to be taken however to choose the right guide. 3 Red Light Fix has become the favorite amongst many XBox users who have successfully repaired there own consoles as well as others too.Downloading 3 Red Light Fix is instant and costs only $24, it's considered the internet's best solution to the Red Ring Of Death today. Once downloaded you also receive many extras that are beneficial to any XBox owner including fixes for graphics freezes and over heating problems.

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  1. i want to know, if now microsoft fix the most common problems like the heat problem in the console or the red lights in the new consoles in the 3 presentations: Elite, Premium and Arcade versions...



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