Friday, March 13, 2009

Discovered the secret of the Xbox 360 Repair guide.

After a head scratching and surfing on the internet I discovered some Xbox 360 Repair guides that proclaimed to be able to fix the 3 red rings error that is so very common. So I thought that I would take the plunge and purchase them to see how good they really were and that's basically how this site came about. All my friends who wanted to know which guide they should buy and seeing as I ended up purchasing 3 different guides I just told them what I recommended but that they could look for themselves as I had videoed the different sites.
My friends now consider me an expert when it comes to fixing the 3 red light error and I guess I am,I can pretty much handle and Xbox 360 repair but it was only because I learnt through the guides that I purchased. In precise, I now purchase broken Xbox 360's from our local auction site and fix them up and resell them. This gives me a lot of money. You get same guide here or click on this link to get one freely.

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